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So this is my second giveaway and im so excited (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

You can win 

~  a black cute wing bag 

~ a cute rilakkuma pyjama (please tell me your size)

~ a alpacasso ( you can choose from 4 colors blue , pink , white and rainbow)

Its 53 cm large

~ One wig with ponytails (please choose your color)

Rules :

~ mbf me ( i will check)

~ Reblog as many times as you want (for multiple entries) , likes count too

~ i ship international 

~ no giveaway or side blogs

~ Winner will be choosen by

~ Ends on August , 30th

~ The Giveaway will only count if the notes hit 3k

Good luck everyone! :3

EDIT : If you follow this and this blog will get 5 more entries.



This Vine gives me life.

Once my friend was saying something and I hit this and it took a while to load and when it did it cut him off at a really inappropriate part. He was being a dick and it was perfect.





Repeat after me kids:

A relationship does not have to be romantic and/or sexual to be important. 


I’ve decided to let out my tumblr hipster this upcoming fall. Pumpkin everything, giant sweaters, messy buns, reblogging fall fashions, and possibly doing an OOTD some days, so like, if you’re not down with that, that’s cool. But I figure’d I should warn ya’ll. 



I won’t touch your genitals, but I will make you a delicious egg, salsa, and cheese sandwich…and really, isn’t that better?


I’ve got like, 3 months til my birthday, but I’m already thinking of gifts. Usually I can’t think of anything when my parents ask, but I already know what I want. 

This is both good and bad. Good because I’ll actually be able to give them an idea, but bad because I want these things now, and will have to wait 3 months if I ask for them as birthday gifts…