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I don’t have guilty pleasures, fuck feeling guilty about the things that make me happy.

My dad is so impatient in the car. Yesterday I go to get in the car after jury duty and he starts driving before I’ve even shut the door. 

Today we go through the drive through and he tells the lady “Large caramel frappe and a small fry” lady puts “medium frappe and large fry” on the screen, and instead of correcting her he pulls forward to the window. I was like what no, at least tell the dude at the window I want a large frappe. So he does, and the guy changes the order and I pay an extra dollar. Get to the second window, get the fries, and the girl asks us to pull forward while they get that large frappe for me. So we do. She comes out, hands me frappe, Dad says thank you then drives off while I’m trying to say “this is still a medium”.

So because he’s impatient in the car, I paid an extra dollar for an order that is still wrong. I’m sure the girl just grabbed the wrong one, no big deal, but he wouldn’t pull back around. He was like, “this is why I hate drive throughs”. 

Irritated. And out an extra dollar.

So today was my first ever Jury Duty, and needless to say, I hope I never get summoned again. 11 1/2 hours in frigid AC, ill prepared lawyers, and 3 separate groups trying to sue each other at once over one issue. The only plus side to the whole affair was our jury was entirely female and they were all lovely ladies and we made as much fun out of our recesses as we could.

In other news, I am going to be super busy in the morning, but then its off I go to Los Amigos Cabincon-with special birthday guest Skittledeedoo!!!! Very excited to spend a few days with some of my favorite people. Booze, scifi shark movies, and god knows what else awaits!!

TBT (a day early) to when I was 14 and thought I was the shit.

(jesus these are almost exactly 10 years old)

I don’t like being up this early =-=….I have a 4.6 mile walk home after jury duty. Please don’t rain on me, sky, please.


Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

I have jury duty in the morning



We all know that feeling, vending machine

#i am also full of snacks and darkness



We all know that feeling, vending machine

7, 17

7.) Biggest turn offs:

being hit on(there’s a definite difference between flirting and hitting on someone), arrogance, armpit hair(male, female, or other), and being spoken over

17.) A fact about my life:

it has, so far, NOT lived up to elementary school Me’s dreams. I was supposed to be taller than my mother, first off.